April 18, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

We took the kids, Buttercup (13) and Beanpole (10), to see Monsters Vs Aliens this week. It was nice to see a movie aimed at 12-year-olds and their parents. So many kids movies seem to be aimed at 4-year-olds. While I understand and respect the 4-year-old audience, my kids and I have both outgrown those types of movies.

Sometimes known faces make lousy voice actors. But the cast of MvA works well. Reese Witherspoon's voice is perfect for the spunky Susan. Seth Rogan is spot-on as the mindless blog. Stephen Colbert voices a scene-stealing president that looks suspiciously like Tek Jansen. Hugh Laurie reminds us of his comic roots as the cockroach/mad scientist. And Rainn Wilson is perfectly over the top as the evil alien, Gallaxhar. And who else but Kiefer Sutherland could voice the hard-nosed military leader?

MvA is Susan's story and it's great to see a tween movie with a female protagonist that isn't' pink, girly fluff. As an added bonus, the movie doesn't beat you over the head with a moral message. This movie never takes itself too seriously and pays homage to its B-movie roots with a soundtrack that features fun tracks like "Planet Claire", "Wooly Bully", and "Purple People Eater". There are explosions and fart jokes, plus enough pop culture references to keep parents laughing. We will definitely be adding this one to the DVD collection.

Final grade: B

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