June 2, 2009

Up at the drive-in

Once again, the kids and I found ourselves at the drive-in this weekend. Turns out the drive-in has one irresistible feature. The price. For ten dollars, the three of us get to see two movies. Hard to beat that.

The simple plot is presented in a sweet, elegant fashion that makes it perfect for a family night or a date movie. Ed Asner is fantastic as the grumpy old man. Take some tissues. I was weepy fifteen minutes into the movie. The execution is what makes this film so great. You just have to see it to appreciate it.

Final Grade: A

This weekend's double bill was supposed to be UP and RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN. But when we got to the theater, they had made a change. Instead of Witch Mountain, we had to watch Star Trek again. Oh, darn.

STAR TREK (redux)
I felt this movie held up well under a second viewing. The plot still has the same problems, but it wasn't an issue for me last time, either. The lens flares did bother me, though, which is weird because I hardly noticed them the first time.

The characters are even better the second time around. I'm not sure Chris Pine gets enough credit for being able to pull off the cocky but always irritatingly right Kirk. And the Spock/Uhura thing still works for me. But it always did.